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Verde a better lifestyle for you and the planet.

We believe in a sustainable way of life and we realized that recycling could not be the only solution to the amount of garbage we produce. We strive to cater and supply South Florida with plant based, organic and waste free products. We advocate for conscious consumerism and encourage our customers to bring their own containers and refill them at our bulk stations. 


Reducing waste can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task but we are here to help. We have made it our mission to have every possible product you can find at a mainstream grocery at Verde. The only difference is that we make sure our products are good for you and the environment. 


We only sell products that we believe in. We make sure that whatever you get from Verde is truly VERDE.


Give us a try, you will soon realize that living sustainably and reducing waste is not as hard as it seems. We know what you need and we have it.



The Verde Team

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together we make change.

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