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We have locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

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Midtown - Edge Water

2328 NE 2dn Ave

Miami, FL 33137

South Miami

7304 SW 57th Ave

Miami, FL 33143

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2102 E Oakland Park Blvd

Fort Lauderdale, FL 3306

Fort Lauderdale

The future is now!.png

Our stores are our pillars, they are where we get to meet you and greet you. We are all about community and building relationships. We are here because of all the relationships of trust we build with each and every one of you that keeps coming back to refill and spreads the word of this magical place called Verde Market where you can bring your own container and refill.

So yes we are not only a zero waste grocery shop, we are a group of real humans trying to build a community of like minded people to make this a better world and we want to meet you.

zero waste miami
plastic free miami
zero waste fort lauderdale
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Together we are making a difference.

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